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Yes, It's all Just Lovely but...: Building Structure and Process within a Highly Artistic Brand

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We all get tangled up in the pretty of our business, in how it all seems just so fabulous and fun. But, quickly we're swallowed up by the calls to return and proofs to email and bills to pay, wondering what happened to our lives and when we will ever get back to the painting table. Learn the following from a 15 year veteran of the creative industry:  
- How to spot areas of your business that require attention immediately and in the near future
- The three myths of running a creative business that are slowly killing your profits
- How not having process at every stage of your business is holding you back
- How to determine and develop the processes that will catapult your customer experience to the next level
- Learn why you need process and structure even if you have few or no employees
- Evaluate case studies from several well known artists/crafters and learn how they built process in their businesses
Kristy Rice
Momental Designs