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The Association For Creative Industries (AFCI) will celebrate National Craft Month in March by sharing what its staff and creative business members are doing to promote the benefits of creative activities. AFCI will be highlighting National Craft Month stories on its social media channels every day from March 1-31.
“We founded National Craft Month to enable our business members to drive sales coming off the holiday season, as well as to encourage arts and crafts as a means of health and wellness,” said Mark Hill, President & Chief Executive Officer, AFCI. “We want to show consumers how using arts and crafts products can reduce stress, bring families together, and create memories that last a lifetime.”
According to the 2016 Creative Products Size of the Industry study, recently published by MaritzCX and AFCI, the majority of crafters in the United States reported participation in craft activities makes them feel “proud” and “relaxed”, and “gain a sense of accomplishment”. Those who partook in kids crafts activities indicated they also feel “excited" and “joyful”, and value “warm relationships” and a “fun and enjoyable life”. These emotions and values support the size of the industry findings in the same report that show the creative products industries are $40+ billion in the United States alone.
During National Craft Month, creative businesses across the United States host in-store events, hold contests and discounts, and provide tips and projects to help people of all ages discover their creative skills and reap the benefits of using them.
Since its inception in 1994, National Craft Month has grown into a global celebration of inspiration, innovation and creativity with millions of participants.